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Building Blocks of the Kingdom

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

The word kingdom is foreign in the minds of many who live in Western civilization, as it was to me until a few years ago. There are not many kingdoms remaining in the world, so when you hear the word kingdom, you may think of a king that lives far away in a distant country; however, the bible is about a King and a Kingdom, Jesus is a KING. I would encourage you to study the four gospels, as you do, you will see a common message that Jesus spoke about, The Kingdom.

While you are reading Building Blocks of the Kingdom, my prayer is that a desire will leap on the inside of you to study more of this message. You will be reintroduced to terms like kingdom, colonization, citizen and royalty. By the end of the devotional you will have a clearer understanding that although the culture in which you live may not function like a kingdom, we are part of the Kingdom of God that will never be shaken or pass away. Join me as we take this 12-Day journey of “The Kingdom.”

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